Our current campaign seeks to raise awareness of the lack of access to safe and clean water in the country of Rwanda, and to mobilize people and resources in order to fund the completion of a well project in the Ntungamo Village located in southern Rwanda. The funding goal is $10,000. Ripple has partnered with Living Water International, a non profit organization that specializes in the development and implementation of water projects internationally. All contributions raised through the Ripple campaign will go to Living Water International and will be designated for the well project in the Ntungamo Village.

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The intersectionality of multiple human rights and social justice concerns are prevalent in the Ruhango and Nyanza districts. Nyanza, located in southern Rwanda, is the site of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi. 6 It is estimated that between 500,000 and 1 million Rwandans were killed in 1994. 7 The Rwandan genocide involved extreme violence, slavery, displacement, and the systematic rape of women as weapons of war. Due to the detriments of the war, the displacement of many, and depleted resources, the majority of individuals living in southern Rwanda have a low level of education; 58% have a primary level of education and 19.5% reported having no education at all. 8

Water access is scarce and hygiene-related preventions are insufficient in the Ruhango and Nyanza districts of Rwanda. 9 Implementation of water wells and sanitation facilities help alleviate some of the multi-dimensional problems that exist in the southern provinces of Rwanda. By having access to safe water, future generations, and the generation that survived the horrors of genocide, will gain improved health care, time for pursuit of education, and social and economic benefits that mitigate many of the human rights and social justice issues experienced by communities in the southern provinces of Rwanda. To a land whose history is full of violence and suffering, something as simple as water can provide hope of a better tomorrow.

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The Ntugamo Village lies within the Nyanza district in the Southern Province of Rwanda. There are 118 households located in the village, and an estimated 3-6 individuals per household. The well could serve over 700 people in this village alone, not including individuals from nearby neighboring communities who would travel to the Ntugamo Village for safe water.

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Nearly half of the of people without access to clean water live in sub-Saharan Africa; that's nearly 319 million people. 5 Poverty due to poor agricultural productivity means that many Rwandans attempt survival on less than $1 per day. 8 Rwanda has suffered from severe water scarcity and water cleanliness. It is a landlocked country that continues to face the detrimental effects of the 1994 civil war and genocide. 10 In addition to clean drinking water, safe water is needed for health care facilities, improved toilet facilities, access to housing with piped water and clean water for childbirth. 11 More work needs to be done to support Rwanda in its efforts for improving access to safe water sources.

$10,000 Goal


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